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Surfing Down the Retail Abyss of Amazon

I’m not sure if I’ve hit a new high or reached a new low in life. Today, I received an online order in the mail that has me thinking about my relationship with Amazon. It’s making me see myself in a new, not positive light, but I’m struggling to acknowledge the full truth. I’m now…

Who Knew Lipstick Could be the Gloss on My Mood

Who Knew Lipstick Could be the Gloss on My Mood

It’s not uncommon for me to have my eyeliner lightly smeared down my face or my hair sticking up in funny directions, untamed despite my ponytail. Yeah. I’ve gotten accustomed to ignoring how I look. While I can be a bit ignorant, it isn’t the blissful sort. It’s my own discomfort with my appearance, be…

Am I addicted to shopping?

I Have an Online Shopping Problem

I think I may have a problem. Of the shopping variety. Specifically, I have an online shopping problem. To be clear, this isn’t the “oops I’ve drank too much and ordered a handbag” concern that one in three people suffer from at night. I may be sleepy, at most, but I’m definitely stone-cold sober when…

Father's Day cards seem to be written by a six-year-old girl

Why do Father’s Day Cards Suck?

As I’ve gotten older, selecting the appropriate Father’s Day card has become a physical experience. My stomach clenches with dismissive discomfort at each grossly inaccurate sentiment. “No. No. Oh, hell no!” I quickly reject nearly every card. They all seem to be written from the perspective of a sweetly naïve six-year-old girl. Happy Father’s Day…

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