Who Knew Lipstick Could be the Gloss on My Mood

Who Knew Lipstick Could be the Gloss on My Mood

It’s not uncommon for me to have my eyeliner lightly smeared down my face or my hair sticking up in funny directions, untamed despite my ponytail. Yeah. I’ve gotten accustomed to ignoring how I look. While I can be a bit ignorant, it isn’t the blissful sort. It’s my own discomfort with my appearance, be…

At that moment, I proudly decided I was a groupie

How I Became a Band Groupie

Even though my trip to Portland has been planned for a number of months, I’ve been uncharacteristically demure about the purpose. When asked, I was embarrassed to tell the truth. I was a band groupie. Then I outed myself on Facebook, sharing a photo of myself meeting the band. “This is kinda becoming a groupie…

Doing my taxes is emotional and a mental beating

Why I Hate Doing My Taxes

Doing my taxes puts me in a really bad mood. It feels like a black-and-white awareness that I suck. True financial recognition that I’m not making the amount of money I thought I would. Or could. Or should. I hate doing my taxes. While finishing is the goal, it means I have to turn around…

Who knew you have to be rich and skinny to ski

Skiing for the First Time at 42

Like a foreign language, I fear learning to snow ski is best when one is young — much younger than I, who at 42, will be conquering the ski mountain for the first time this week. At least that’s the current plan. Skiing for the first time at 42. My family never did the cold-weather…

#NoMakeup to the gym for me

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup to the Gym

Grammy winner Alicia Keys didn’t wear makeup to the MTV Video Music Awards last month. The Twittersphere nearly imploded. World comes to an end. #Bam. The cause of the chaos? Cosmetics. Or lack thereof. #NoMakeup. How dare a celebrity show up on the red carpet with a naked face, lacking the typical two hours of…

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