First Signs of Hope Under Trump

Even my dad realizes it's getting to be a bit much under Trump

Illustration by Breanna Cooke

Like all good Jewish girls, I took my father to Cindy’s Deli for his birthday lunch last week. Our conversations have been a bit strained since Christmas Eve. Scene: Chinese Restaurant. Mom and brother stepped away to say hello to someone. Yup. Very Jew-ish.

My chance to talk to dad without everyone else jumping in.

Trump’s comments about strengthening our nuclear arsenal were scaring me. I want to know how my dad feels about this, having lived through the Cold War and Russia whereas I just experienced the tail-end as a kid. The re-emergence of a strong Communism and nuclear proliferation. How did we get here?

The conversation turned super political, super fast. Hillary vs. Trump. “The election is over.” Him.

Our entrees hadn’t yet arrived, but dinner was clearly over.

A few days later, my dad and I reached a truce over the phone, agreeing to not discuss politics. “Smart.” His words.

So here we sat. Another meal. My brain seizing for any topic other than the one I’m not supposed to discuss, which of course is the only thing filling my head. I’m trying to be good. It’s his birthday!

My Dad Offers My First Signs of Hope Under Trump

“It’s getting to be a bit much,” my father uttered, practically under his breath. My eyes zeroed in on his unruly eyebrows, imploring him to continue speaking, my eyes wide like the coffee saucers on the table.

“He’s getting a bit carried away. Doing too much. Too fast.”

“Amazing”! Even my Trump-voting father now is uncomfortable with the chaotic stream of unplanned, poorly executed executive orders. If even my father can turn, so can others. There is hope for this country. “Tremendous”!

Mark Feb. 6 as the day the pit in my stomach started to travel a bit north. Each day since, additional signs of hope. Things will change. I don’t know how or why, but they will.

The more Trump says “trust me” and “believe me” the less we do. “Moron”! It’s becoming clear his plans are tag lines with no substance. They aren’t policies, merely tweets. “Weak.”

  • All of the “yuge” support for the immigration ban. So big it can’t be pointed to, detailed or even seen.
  • “Supporters” who actually are protesters, which he insists are paid.
  • “Indisputable” voter fraud that even a bad high school student would comprehend — wait, that was the travel ban.

As a former journalist, I know Trump’s efforts to try to control the news and the media will backfire. “Bigly.”

Shutting Out the Media Will Backfire

I’ve seen it time and again. The more an elected official tries to limit information to the public, refusing to be transparent and honest with constituents, the more information seeps out. “Lightweight.” People like to talk. We especially enjoy discussing secrets that aren’t ours to share.

Plus, when people are fearful, they want to fill the void with information. Start rumors. Gossip. Especially when they’re in disagreement with policies underway or feel their voice is being ignored. “Dangerous.”

Just as Trump’s inner circle is leaking information to the media to propel their own agenda, every other faction impacted by government can, will and is starting to do the same. It gets “nasty!”

Sending out folks who talk gobbledygook on his behalf certainly isn’t helping Trump. “Weak!” And can someone please get Kellyanne Conway a makeover since we have to watch her spout “alternative facts?” Oops. Not “politically correct.” But since I’ve slipped … Ivanka could help. She’s got the blonde down and has to be looking for something to do, other than attending her father’s meetings.

Hey, I hear Melissa McCarthy may be available. She’d be “Terrific!”

Trump says he cares about the little guy “winning” while maintaining at least two private residences smack within public confines — at an enormous expense to us. And remember, Trump’s already told us he doesn’t pay taxes, so we’re footing this bill alone. “Classy.”

Stop trying to pimp Mar a Lago as the “winter” White House. Just because we have to foot the bill for a larger posse than recommended, at your insistence, doesn’t mean we will fall for that, no matter how many times you spew this “fake news” on Twitter. “Stupid!”

But dude, come on. Act like the president. You’re on the verge of … “Loser!” You aren’t helping your brand. And we already know your feelings are hurt that Ivanka’s shoes got the boot at Nordstrom.

Humor column originally appeared in the Katy Trail Weekly.
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