Dallas Politics

Dallas Politics runs rampant from public safety to roads with potholes. Challenges include retaining the Dallas Police Department employees and firefighters, who are fleeing our city, in part because of the foundering Dallas Police and Fire Pension pension, which is expected to expire in a decade.

Voter turnout in the city of Dallas is pathetic. During the May 2015 election, a measly 6 percent of eligible voters participated. Dallas ranked lowest for voter turnout among the 30 largest cities in the country, according to research from Portland State University. The few deciding the fate of the many. Even more striking is the median age of said voter in Dallas — 62 years old. We’d be hard-pressed to get much more unrepresentative.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Wants Attention

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants attention. In the past week, he earned national attention from the likes of The Washington Post, Newsweek, and online site The Huffington Post. Too bad it took him an embarrassing episode of baiting of religion and race to get it. Paxton started the cycle by issuing a letter implying…

Decriminalization of Marijuana Long Overdue

Can you smell that? It’s bud. Marijuana. Sweet Mary Jane. Call it what you want, the bitter-sweet aroma of weed is up in the air with a hazy debate over its legality underway. The discussions could change how Dallas, and even Texas, deal with the punishment for the possession of pot, to the point of…